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Since 1955 ...

The International Transport Roger Benaim were created in 1955 by Mr Roger Benaim.
Transports Internationaux Roger Benaim is customs broker holder of the Customs License N°4650 and IATA License N° 20 4 7871 7512. The company has been certified as Authorised Economic Operator in 2009. Transports Internationaux Roger Benaim has remained a strong reference on the worldwide transport market while maintaining their whole independence and freedom..
We have over 50 years of experience with Customs regulations and have been able to develop a vast effective network throughout the world.
Our staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service and this ensures success on all our business deals.
We know our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction. .
We provide assistance in all areas and we are present at every step of the process between the buyer and the seller.
Our team is here 24/7 to help you on any logistic matter and provide counselling.
Our goal is to complete all the missions which have been entrusted to us and within the time limit.
We aim at finding a solution to any problem that may arise and our customers’ satisfaction is our main motivation. This is our daily challenge.

We aim at developing a special relation with our customers and we even let ourselves regard them as friends.

Thanks to all our business partners and our customers for trusting us since 1955.
A few dates

 1955 : Creation by Mr Roger Benaim in Algiers, Algeria
 1961 : Opening of an office in Paris
 1962 : Opening of the agency in Orly Airport, France
 1963 : Opening of the agency in Havre Port, France
 1974 : Opening of the agency in Roissy Airport
 1991 : Creation ROGER BENAIM SA
 2000 : Member of Network partners GTO GTO
 2002 : Member of Network partners SCN SCN
 2009 : A.E.O. certification

With 300 partners throughout 136 countries, we are represented in over 500 cities worldwide. We provide a secure door-to-door service. Our agents’ reliability meets our customers’ requirements.


» Import and Export Customs Clearance
» Express Customs Clearance Process (90 min)
» Customs Clearance, forwarding, post-transit, temporary import / export
» Import License and other EUR, ATR certifications
» ATA Carnet
» Assistance on Visas, legal documentation


» A service of express haulage since and to all the French and European cities
» A center of shipping, handling, logistics, ré labeling, re-invoicing
» Maritime Packaging / air.
» Capacitation and knowledge of the regulations of the transport of dangerous products.
» Management exceptional transport inseparable masses - big width - Big height
» Availability 24/24 7/7
» Aeronautical Department AOG